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Chiller Rentals Available

Anywhere, anyplace, anytime. We have trailer-mounted chiller plants available when you need them. We are experts in delivery, installation, set-up, and removal. Our portable air-cooled and water cooled chillers offer the best combination of efficiency, costs, and sustainability.

All necessary accessories are INCLUDED as part of our portable chiller rental solutions:
• Electrical power cables
• Factory processors for the handling of low and varying loads
• Flexible hose with quick connectors
• Multiple compressor with dual refrigeration circuits for redundancy

Typical uses for our rental chillers:
• Large Office Buildings
• Tents for Special Events
• Unplanned Events such as Equipment Failures or Power Outages
• Supplemental Cooling for High Volume Applications, such as refineries or power stations

Standard features of our Portable Chillers:
• Quick setup and installation
• From 5 to 500 ton plants can be combined together to give you the desired toonage needed
• Built and designed for harshest of industrial and commercial settings
• Environmentally friendly chillers that use non-CFC refrigerants
• Trailer-mounted ready for quick delivery





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Air-Cooled Rental Chillers Features:

  • Quick and efficient installs
  • 5 to 500 Ton Plants that can be combined together to give you the desired tonnage
  • Designed and built to run in the toughest of industrial settings
  • Environmentally-friendly, using non-CFC refrigerants
  • Widely used to provide additional, temporary or emergency cooling for high-volume uses, such as at refineries or power stations.
  • Trailer-mounted and ready for quick delivery



Water-Cooled Chiller Plants Features:

Water-cooled rental chillers will operate on about half of the electrical needs of air-cooled chillers. Therefore, when we determine your electrical needs, you may be able to run the rental chiller on the existing power feed from your facility.

  • 100 to 1,500 tons for skid mounted units
  • 100 to 500 tons for individual chiller plants
  • Single power point connection
  • Combine multiple chillers to meet your desired tonnage
  • Self-contained plants with cooling tower and pumps, all trailer-mounted