Dallas Diesel Generator Rentals

Dallas Diesel Generator Rentals by RES are designed to be compact and quiet.  In addition they are delivering in time, with a full load in extreme temperature conditions and the power needed. Contact us today for quote!

Features of our Dallas Diesel Generator Rentals:
  • From 20 to 1,750 kw
  • Mounted on skids and trailers, ready for immediate delivery.
  • Environmentally safe, with a double-wall fluid containment protection.
  • 4 hours of minimum run time.

Our Dallas Diesel Generator Rental experts are ready to immediately help you.  They will provide orientation of to select the right size generator for your rental needs.

RES Rentals Portable Generators:

First of all, is important to begin with the preparation in advanced of an overall plan for your temporary power needs.   RES Rentals considered all things before any consequence.  Examples of consequences could be of severe weather or other disasters strike your business.

You will not only benefit from peace of mind and minimized risk, but though will receive price discounts on our cable and supplementary equipment.

We offer two types of price plans for generator rental:

1. Standby Plan
This plan is the most cost-effective for smaller facilities with short-term power needs. Offering a lower monthly rate, the standby plan allows customers to pay only for the hours of support they actually use. During the actual emergency, supplied power is charged on an hourly basis.

2. Fixed Plan
The fixed plan is ideal for large industrial businesses.  If a sustained outage causes significantly financial impact on your business, as a result this is the plan for you.  This plan provides up to 24 hours per day of run time per month, depending on the length of the contract.

In conclusion, we can customized any plan for your business since a very specific or niche requirement needs.

Let one of our Diesel Generator Rental Professionals develop the plan for you now!

We provide environmentally safe diesel generator rentals that are engineered for reliable performance.