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Refrigeration and Environmental Systems (RES) is a full service Dunham-Bush representative. In addition, we are an authorized compressor warranty station providing factory startups and all factory labor warranty repairs. Our inventory includes a full complement of repair and replacement Dunham-Bush products and parts. See the list below for more details on some of the equipment that we offer.


Dunham-Bush Chillers, Maintenance & Repair Services
Comfort is the number one issue in any building. Dunham-Bush provides a wide array of chillers and unitary cooling equipment for commercial and residential buildings. Refrigeration and Environmental Systems will put together an appropriate package that delivers the comfort building occupants expect and the efficiency you demand.

The most critical manufacturing processes in the world have one thing in common: consistent, precise temperature control 24/7 for process cooling in the most rugged environments. Dunham-Bush and RES will customize a process cooling solution around your needs, whether it’s refrigerating chocolate or cooling reactors.

With volatile energy costs and an increasing concern over carbon footprints, you’re faced with providing a reliable cooling solution that maintains comfort in the most efficient way possible. Dunham-Bush and RES will work with you to develop a solution that doesn’t compromise comfort or the environment.

WCFX-E Series
Water Cooled Screw Flooded Chillers

Cooling Capacity from 211 – 3517 kW (60 – 1000 TR)
The WCFX-E Series features:
• Improved Quiet, Reliable Series of Vertical Screw Compressors
• Improved Flooded Shell & Tube Evaporator and Condenser
• High Efficiency and COP
• Advanced Vision 2020i Controller
• 7.0″ TFT Colours Touch Screen Display
• PHE DX Subcooler
• AHRI Certified
• R134a

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