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RES maintains a fleet of HVAC rental equipment which includes chillers, boilers, pumps, and spot coolers to provide you a complete solution when you need it most.

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RES is a locally owned and managed HVAC rental solutions provider. We pride ourselves on crafting solutions for clients who require emergency HVAC cooling and heating to keep their businesses running and profitable. We move fast with you and are not afraid of hard work. We have the gear you need in stock. We deliver your solutions package and service it to keep your company profitable. Call us first to get the solution you need. We have the equipment, the talent , and most importantly the desire to take the worries about cooling and heating your facility off your shoulders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

More questions? Give us a call at 817.857.9600. Talk to our professional team and let’s get your projects or needs started. 

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Q: How do I get started renting from you?

A: Call us at 817-857-9600 and we will have a conversation about what you need and why, and how soon. Or complete the “Free Quotes” form and we will call/email you with specifics. Easy.

Q: How quickly can I get equipment delivered and running?

A: Same day or next day is common, but each situation is unique. The installation site must be described or seen for details such as wire and hose placement/connection. We visit your site and work with you on the best location and connection of equipment. The sooner you call, the quicker we can have it running for you.

Q: Who installs the equipment?

A: RES has our own employees who deliver and install all of our equipment. We employ a team of seasoned professionals, who are drug tested, background checked, licensed, and continuously trained to serve you better. 

Q: Who services the equipment while it is at my site?

A:  RES maintains the equipment, completing preventive maintenance and any required service.

Q: How do I know what size equipment I need?

A: Most equipment has a data plate on it. We can decipher that information to replace like for like, or we can run calculations based on your requirements to get the correct size cooling or heating equipment.

Q: How is your equipment connected to my system?

A: Spot Coolers are “stand-alone” and simply need a space to which they can reject their hot air (usually to the outside of the building or in the plenum) Chillers, pumps and boilers will be temporarily connected to your piping system with flexible hoses or steel pipe. We will search for places to tie into your system that do not take your system offline. Isolation valves play a large role in helping us make connections, and if your system was piped in by a professional company, there will be places for us to connect our equipment to your system. Hot taps or freezing off water lines are sometimes done when a good connection point is not available.

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