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A recent Dallas customer’s AHU failed – a damaged chilled water coil was the reason– eliminating all cooling for an area of the building, leaving employees hot, humid, and miserable in the Texas heat. RES performed a quick site survey to determine the best resolution and quickly returned with a 25-ton package unit, electrical cabling, and flexible ductwork.

We determined the best way to quickly get the cool air into the space was to take advantage of the existing Air Handling Unit. While the chilled water coil was damaged and incapable of removing the heat from the space, the “superhighway” of air ducts from the AHU remained in good condition. We set our rental unit in a convenient spot, wired it into the customer’s electrical panel, and removed the two doors from the failed AHU. We installed plywood in place of the removed doors and connected the cool air supply from the rental to the supply side feeding the building and repeated for the return air side. We now had an adequate source of cold air to cool and dehumidify the space, using the existing ductwork of the building’s HVAC system. In less than one day, the problem was solved.

Different problems can be resolved in different ways. Sometimes it may be a simple spot cooler, other times a customer may need a 500-ton air-cooled chiller with pumps. Or it might be a brand-new package unit providing clean fresh air into your building on the hottest, muggiest of days. Call RES. We will respond quickly, offer a solution, and have you cool and comfortable in a short amount of time.

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