partnering with rushco energy specialists for Quincy Air Compressor Project

A Stealth Air Compressor Joint Mission


RES was recently contacted by our sister company, RushCo Energy Specialists– an HVAC mechanical contractor – to source and provide an air compressor for a Dallas Tollway corridor building’s control air system.

In many DFW area buildings, and around our country as well, compressed air systems were installed at the time of the building’s construction as a control mechanism. These could be complicated systems of small copper and rubber piping running throughout the building to control panels tied to chillers, cooling towers, and air handlers. This compressed air, controlled by electromechanical components, would be used to force open/close actuators to allow water or air movement and start/stop of fans.

It was and is a reliable way to control a building. While Direct Digital Controls (DDC) have replaced pneumatic control systems in most commercial buildings, many manufacturing plants today use compressed air systems to control their equipment and machinery. We support a variety of clients who rely on compressed air. Without it, there is no production.

Back to our story.

A twin compressor system in the commercial building had developed oil leaks and one compressor was no longer reliable. The existing compressor was running non-stop to keep up with the demands and probable leaks throughout the system. The customer asked RushCo to replace it in a timely fashion with a reliable piece of equipment. RushCo then contacted RES to find the right gear.

While RES is a representative firm most known for supplying Dunham Bush chillers and air handlers to clients and contractors, we also carry various lines of equipment. We have made impressive forays into the compressed air business, having recently hired a local experienced compressed air project manager.

After speaking with RushCo about the customer’s requirements, we selected a twin reciprocating compressor, tank, and control panel manufactured by Quincy Air Compressors to meet the building’s requirements, available space, and budget.

RES provided the air compressor to RushCo, and it was installed on a beautiful Saturday morning with a crew of three technicians removing the failing compressor, rigging the old out and the new in, and connecting and starting the new compressor on the same day. RushCo’s customer had clean, abundant air for their building Monday morning. Tenants were in no way affected, and because of planning and equipment selection, RushCo was able to complete the replacement of a key piece of HVAC equipment for their customer quickly and professionally within budget.

If you are looking for equipment, we hope you contact RES. We will source the right solution for you and your customer. Have a great Fall, and we hope you get caught up on your customer’s maintenance and replacement needs. Let us know if we can help.

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