Large residential buildings, especially high-rise condominiums, are commonly engineered with cooling towers as part of their cooling systems. The purpose is to promote energy efficiency, by removing excessive heat produced by air conditioning systems. They also provide space saving benefits, noise reduction, and flexibility in the cooling solution chosen.

A 24-story condominium in Uptown Dallas needed a quick solution that would allow them to keep their homeowners comfortable by providing temporary cooling. RES delivered a 600 Ton Cooling Tower Rental and was able to provide installation by partnering with our sister company, RushCo Energy Specialists.

The 600 Ton Cooling Tower aided in providing centralized cooling for multiple residential units. Its cooling capacity is equivalent to melting 600 Tons of ice in a 1 hour period and it is manufactured to handle multiple cooling loads simultaneously.

By partnering with RushCo, RES was able to provide the client with not only the cooling tower, but also install electrical leads from provided disconnect to fans, use PVC pipes to establish supply and return connections, and connect make-up water from existing lines to the cooling tower rental.

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