Dallas Apartment Complex Stays in Hot Water


The new owners of Estancia Estates, a sprawling apartment complex in South Dallas, recently determined it was time for a boiler replacement project in one of their several on-campus mechanical rooms.

Two Raypak boilers had reached the end of their life cycle, having provided domestic hot water to multiple tenants over 21 years of service. That is a very good run for a pair of constantly in demand domestic boilers.

While sister company RushCo Energy Specialists developed the boiler replacement job with the customer, RES Rentals conducted a parallel investigation to solve the need for hot water continuing to flow for the tenants while the mechanical room piping was gutted and new boilers installed.

An appropriately sized rental boiler was selected from the fleet of seven Raypak boilers in the RES yard and on a beautiful Saturday morning, the boiler, copper, and gas piping along with our installation crew headed to South Dallas.

In a stroke of genius, the night before the job, Project Manager Bill Powell suggested taking our forklift to the site to unload the almost 1,000 pound boiler from the flatbed. This worked out great, saving the trouble of a TeleHandler. New hire Enrique “Tank” Villegas took control of the forklift once on site and set it in place perfectly in line with the building’s gas connection for a straight connection.

We were lucky with a parking space available to set the rental boiler in. Note to self- next time run some caution tape to reserve the spot. Two nice tenants obliged us and moved their vehicles, giving us some room to set up shop and get to work.

Master Plumber David Bergen had a masonry hole saw in his bag of tricks and the team quickly cored through the brick wall to run the gas and water lines. David quickly re-routed one of the storage tanks water lines to the rental boiler while the crew installed the gas line to the Raypak rental.

The rental installation could not have gone any smoother. David and crew had the rental boiler running in less than four hours from arrival. We cleaned up our mess and left the boiler purring like a kitten.

Why was this rental significant? The customer had requested minimal loss of hot water for his tenants. At RES, it was very apparent how valued our customer’s tenants were to him. The owner was empathetic with them- he did not want them to suffer one minute more than they needed to.

What a blessing for RES to get to work with an owner who was so compassionate for the people in his care. To paraphrase Bill Murray from Stripes, RES wants to party with cowboys like this.

This rental boiler provided breathing room for the installers of the new boilers. Hot water was never again interrupted to the tenants until it was time to start the new boilers. The rental  provided time for the mechanical contractor to replace all the water piping, install a CO monitor, a new boiler controls system and new flue pipe.

The Raypak Rental Boiler #7 kept firing away, providing hot water 24/7 to approximately 75 units. These 75 families never missed a hot shower thanks to a thoughtful owner and RES. We think that is an important service to provide.

Now Rental Boiler #7 and its contemporaries are waiting to serve you. We look forward to writing your story.

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