RES Has Welcomed A New Dunham Bush AVXB470 Into Our Fleet!

RES is happy to welcome a brand new Dunham Bush AVXB470 into our expanding rental fleet. Here are a few quick facts about this new 470 Ton chiller: High Efficiency Screw Chiller Inverter Driven Compressor Flooded Shell and Tube Evaporator Advanced Microprocessor Controller Unique Low Noise Control Design Suitable for Standard or High Ambient Application … Continued

Custom Fabricated Stacked Chiller Skid

We received a request from a chemical company to create a custom fabricated rental skid to fit in the remaining space of their containment dike. RES laid out a stacked configuration in order to maintain space requirements. Fabrication begins in the RES shop. The stack consisted of a bottom frame to hold a mixing tank … Continued

Mechanical Room Rebuild After A Fire

Due to a fire in this mechanical room, RES immediately placed a temporary chiller. The room had been completely burned beyond repair and the owner contracted with RES for a total rebuild of the mechanical room. The only thing surviving the fire was the domestic circulating pumps. Project in progress – New domestic boilers being … Continued

Chiller Repair Vs. Chiller Replacement - What's Your Best Option?

Even with regular preventative maintenance, chillers inevitably age and have to be replaced. As these machines age, they become less efficient, less reliable, and break down more often. Balancing the costs of necessary repairs with the need for replacement can be challenging. New chillers come with a high initial price tag, even if they do … Continued

Knowing When It's Time To Replace Your Coil

RES is proud to be located in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas and while we do have hot summers, we also can have some pretty cold winters. Most people see signs reminding them to be careful while driving on frozen roads, or to make sure they leave a faucet dripping to prevent frozen … Continued

Process Plant Chiller Installation Pt. 2

The Dunham Bush Chiller being delivered to the job site. Ready to be lifted off and placed onto its concrete pad. RushCo has a zero spill policy. We catch all glycol and antifreezes. The new Dunham Bush Air Cooled Screw Chiller (AVX-A 280T) sitting on its concrete pad which was poured by one of our … Continued

Process Plant Chiller Installation Pt. 1

On June 2nd 2018, after having multiple compressor failures, a busy manufacturing plant was left with a completely inoperable chiller. RES was able to get the plant back up and running within 24 hours with a temporary chiller. RES was contracted to provide the new chiller with a turnkey installation. Please follow along with the … Continued

Hotel Chiller Rental

Due to a summer heat wave in Dallas, a prominent hotel found its chiller plant unable to keep the guests comfortable so they called RES. The solution? RES installed a 300 Ton Air Cooled rental chiller. RES responded within 24 hours and the hotel was able stop comping rooms due to the heat. Turnkey rental … Continued

Pump Tank Combination

Including a Pump Tank Combo to your rental chiller allows process customers to obtain an exact flow (gpm’s) at the temperature desired for processing. Pump Tank Combos are versatile tanks that can be modified to meet the specific needs of your facility and application. Other advantages to including a Pump Tank Combo are: More flexibility … Continued