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Rent Commercial Buffer Tanks & Industrial Equipment

Refrigeration & Environmental Systems facilitates the success of our commercial and industrial clients with 24/7 rental availability on days, nights, weekends, and holidays throughout Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Grand Prairie & Coppell, TX. We purchase new equipment and install it, ensuring sustainable and higher integrity solutions through short term or longer term rental options, with beneficial payment schedules for long-term leases.

Chilled Water Buffer Tank Equipment Rentals

Chilled water buffer tanks are vital components in modern chiller systems. We offer buffer tanks designed with internal piping to assist with pumping, increase system capacity, and accommodate different sizes. If the cooling system’s piping capacity is undersized, the short-cycling of compressors will negatively impact temperature control, increase wear and tear, and result in needless expense. Let the experts from Refrigeration & Environmental Systems determine the ideal choice to maximize rewards.

Top Quality Buffer Tank Rentals in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

Buffer tanks allow heating systems to be connected and combined with multiple power sources, distributing the heat produced by each and compensating for generated energy that was not used by storing it. It acts much like a battery, providing for optimum boiler operation and contributing to energy savings. Equipment works more efficiently, increasing productivity and system lifespan while significantly reducing costs. Refrigeration & Environmental Systems encourages you to contact us at (817) 857-9600 for customized recommendations, further information, and convenient solutions in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, including Garland, Plano, Denton, Mesquite, McKinney & Cleburne, TX.