Custom Fabricated Stacked Chiller Skid

We received a request from a chemical company to create a custom fabricated rental skid to fit in the remaining space of their containment dike.

RES laid out a stacked configuration in order to maintain space requirements. Fabrication begins in the RES shop.

The stack consisted of a bottom frame to hold a mixing tank and pumps, and a top frame onto which a chiller would be mounted.

This picture shows the first stage of completion in our yard. Please note the OSHA approved ladder and hand railing.

The separate components of this package are headed towards the customer’s chemical plant.

Here are the pumps mounted under the chiller on the bottom half of the skid. Please note the containment wall in the foreground of the picture.

The completed install in the limited space available to us. The completed skid includes an 80T Dunham-Bush chiller, one chill water pump, one process pump, a 1000 gallon mix tank with all electrical power circuits, and controls.