Self-Contained Units and Boiler Project



The winter storm that engulfed Texas during the week of Valentine’s 2021 was one of the harshest weather events the Lone Star State has endured. Plummeting temperatures halted the economy and wreaked havoc on the cooling and heating systems across residential, commercial, and industrial markets.

Dallas Executive Airport, like many Dallas commercial properties, was not immune to the effects of the unusually low and prolonged temperatures gripping the area for over a week. Soon after the freeze ended, DEA contacted Refrigeration and Environmental Systems to conduct a site survey which resulted in a new mechanical and digital control system to keep them out of the cold.

RES discovered an original building installation not designed for such low temperatures, multiple refrigerant leaks on an aging piping system, and chronic compressor failures.  Working within the owner’s budget, RES designed and installed a new air conditioning and heating system to keep the airport comfortable all year round. Highlights include three new Thermoplus self-contained water-cooled heat pump systems, a new Lochinvar boiler manufactured to operate outside of the building, and new pumps and piping. Tying it all together is a modern, web-based digital control system integrated with both the new components and the functioning remaining HVAC equipment such as the cooling tower.

The result of the project is improved air quality for employees and customers and precise control of temperatures no matter the ambient conditions. DEA can now see and control the system remotely, providing them immediate access to the status of their equipment.

No matter the outside weather, Dallas Executive Airport will be comfortable for years to come.

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