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Dunham-Bush Chillers

RES is the North Texas factory representative for chiller manufacturer Dunham Bush. We sell and service Dunham Bush water cooled and air-cooled chillers, as well as Dunham Bush air handling units. We have been proudly providing and servicing Dunham Bush equipment for over 25 years. We also have multiple pieces of Dunham Bush air conditioning equipment in our rental fleet, a notoriously demanding segment of the HVAC market. Harsh conditions in the rental arena do not impact a Dunham Bush chiller- they are often running and making temperature when other OEM chillers have failed. They are Texas Tough, and we are proud to offer them for service in the most demanding environment you can imagine.

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More recently in 2021, RES became the North Texas representative for an exciting line of refrigeration equipment manufactured by KoolJet. KOOLJET designs and manufactures proven Custom Refrigeration Systems for Agricultural, Commercial & Industrial applications. This has allowed us to grow even stronger in the food processing and agricultural markets we are comfortable in.

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At the same time we added KoolJet, we added two more lines of equipment we believe serve our North Texas clients well. The first of these is ThermoPlus, a manufacturer with over thirty years experience designing and building systems for a higher degree of air quality. ThermoPlus builds air handling units for outside air, dehumidication and energy recovery.

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Direct Coil

The most recent addition to our portfolio, and the product we are having a great deal of success with is Direct Coil coil products. Condenser and evaporator coils are made both in Tennessee in their most recent plant addition, and in the original Canada plant. High quality, quick build times, and competitive pricing allows RES to provide replacement coils to contractors who need solution fast. Coils that need to be replaced are usually needed quickly and must fit the application as well as OEM. Direct Coil meets these needs. Call us today for your coil needs. A quote can be generated quickly, and lead times confirmed by us with the factory via email or phone.

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