Knowing When It's Time To Replace Your Coil

RES is proud to be located in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas and while we do have hot summers, we also can have some pretty cold winters. Most people see signs reminding them to be careful while driving on frozen roads, or to make sure they leave a faucet dripping to prevent frozen pipes but how often do building engineers, or maintenance get reminded to check for a frozen up coil?

While most people don’t look at the coil in their unit very often, it is imperative to check it after a particularly cold day (below 32*F). Cold weather could freeze multiple areas in your coil which creates pressure between the areas; this causes the tubes to swell and eventually burst. While a frozen coil doesn’t always burst, when it does it will not only leave your unit down but also makes a big mess.

Here are a couple ways to determine if your coil could be frozen up, and need either repair or replacement.

  1. Visual Inspection
    • First and foremost, is your unit running properly?
    • Does everything look like it’s in order? Is there water on the floor or overflowing the drain pan?
  2. Check the makeup water in your chill water loop
  • Water filling the loop could mean that you have a frozen coil

What should you do next?

  1. If you are unsure if your coil is frozen, or just want a second opinion – call an HVAC professional. We are trained to look at coils and determine whether it is a candidate for repair, or if it has to be replaced due to freezing up, or simply due to old age.
  2. If you are sure that your coil is frozen, and needs to be replaced – first and foremost find the original design of the coil. It is important to have the measurements of the frozen coil.
  3. Work with a qualified manufacturer’s rep that has experience in coil replacement to determine if there is a coil design that could better suit your needs. They will work with you to determine what is important to you, such as improving your indoor air quality with different materials of build. A great suggestion would be to replace drain pans with a stainless steel option, and installing UV lighting.

RES specializes in coil replacement, and will work with you to make sure that you feel comfortable with the coil repair or replacement. Call us today – 817-857-9600