Summertime in Texas puts commercial and industrial HVAC equipment to the test and for many industries, cooling equipment “going down” is simply not an option.

Hospitals and medical facilities are required to abide by strict laws and regulations regarding temperatures. These regulations ensure that healthcare facilities are comfortable for patients, visitors, and staff, providing adequate ventilation, and appropriate humidity, while all working together to create an environment that promotes proper infection control, maintains medical equipment, and patient safety.

RES responded to a late night call from one of America’s 250 best hospitals, which maintains a 348-bed facility offering comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services, to supply a 540-Ton Rental Chiller.

Chillers work by using a refrigeration cycle to absorb heat from the environment and transfer it elsewhere. As the refrigerant passes through a compressor, condenser, expansion valve, and evaporator, heat is absorbed in one state and released in another.  A chiller as large as a 540 Ton, removes 540 tons of heat from a given space in a 1 hour period, providing significant cooling capacity to help the surrounding environment maintain suitable temperatures.

RES was able to deliver the 540 Ton Chiller, all necessary hoses, and wires, and mounted on a trailer for easy delivery and installation.

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