500 HP Rental Boiler for Thermogenics Plant Upgrade

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RES has several long-term business relationships with local sites in the DFW area. While some relationships are with commercial office building owners who value design-build solutions, our strongest relationships seem to be in the production and manufacturing sectors.

We believe this is true because 24-hour, 7 days per week production facilities require quick responses, knowledgeable support, and a willingness to get dirty and resolve the issue as simply and rapidly as possible. Inadequate water temps interrupt production. This immediate impact on revenue must be addressed quickly for these clients. Over years of working in these facilities, RES has honed our labor force, our skill set, and our equipment depth to match the demands of our production clients.

A good example is the trust we have earned with a historic Fort Worth food processing facility near downtown. Many facilities that process food have a requirement for three types of temperature control- heat, chilled water, and refrigeration. This busy plant is no exception, and the growing demand for their product required a large boiler plant expansion employing Thermogenics boilers.

Their existing boiler plant was to be demolished and a modern plant built in its place. But they needed to maintain production while the demolition and construction took occurred.  Shutting down production for several months was not possible. RES met with the operators and owners and soon provided a plan to provide and install a rental 500 horsepower steam boiler at the site that would allow production to continue.

RES designed the steam piping, and the water feed, and coordinated with the other trades involved in the upgrade project to make sure a stand-alone rental boiler could be installed and run without impacting the construction of the new boiler plant. Upon approval of the rental plan, RES delivered and unloaded the boiler off a custom-sized trailer, installed the piping and gas valves, tied it into the existing lines, and started the rental steam boiler.

We accomplished this on the customer’s schedule, with minimal downtime. Production was not interrupted, the client’s employees suffered no lost work time, and the upsized rental boiler is allowing the customer to meet increased demand for their product even before their new plant has been completed.

This is what the client needed, and we are proud we were able to deliver.

At RES, what matters to you, matters to us.

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