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Refrigeration and Environmental Systems (RES) began life as straight forward representative for Dunham Bush air and water-cooled chillers. With this line of equipment, RES serves industrial and commercial clients in the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex who rely on consistent, controlled temperatures for their livelihood.

Forty years of experience has taught us that for a certain segment of the HVAC industry, cold air, chilled water, humidity control, and hot water, are not simply nice things to have for comfort cooling, they are critical to their process. Without them, productivity(revenue) decreases or halts completely. For these clients, inoperable or malfunctioning production equipment is not acceptable. We began purchasing and maintaining in our yard a fleet of equipment these customers could rely on in their most demanding times. A RES rental fleet was born to serve critical industries.

We employ a team of seasoned professionals, who are drug tested, background checked, licensed, and continuously trained to serve you better. 

Contact us today to discuss your immediate needs, or perhaps your planned outage. We answer the phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have the equipment in our yard. We have the experience to design a solution, bring it to your facility, and get it running immediately. Chillers, boilers, pumps, tanks, and heat exchangers are at your disposal. When lost time is lost money, call RES.

Call our professionals at (817) 857-9600 for a no-obligation quote! Take advantage of our expertise and knowledge.

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